Differing Views

I know that not everyone sees everything the same way. I know everyone has their opinions. I have quite a few and most seem to contrary to popular opinion. It’s probably the lack of TV. But this opinion shocked me:

and now, The Badlands…and they are Bad Lands..perfectly named. Not much to say about them, but they are there, and we drove through them, and don’t care to ever go back. But I could easily see how the Outlaws could find protection there from the Law! Phil wanted to explore down a gravel road through the park, but Thank goodness we did not have time! Rattlesnake warnings everywhere! Perfect area for snakes if you ask me!


Not much to say about them!?! They are there??! Don’t care to ever go back?!?!?!?!?!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Now, I hear a lot of opinions on the Badlands, everything ranging from they are God’s most wonderful creation, to they are a horrid place to live if you are a pioneer, but people are mostly completely overwhelmed by them when they enter the park. I remember I brought my brother and his girlfriend out to the park and we started on that gravel road mentioned up there in that quote. Even on that part, where there aren’t many badlands visible, my husband and I heard some many explitives coming from the backseat of our little Saturn Ion, I felt like we were listening to the soundtrack of an R rated movie! This place is THAT cool that even 19 year olds are wowed.

To me, this looks like Nature’s Cathedral, something put on this earth to be admired and awed at. Along with the lovely snakes! I don’t want hanta virus!

We know there are many different opinions on the park, but mostly they are on the management techniques of the wildlife and exotic plants. We even have a short movie on this fact of life. Usually, there are no negative reactions to the landscape itself from the visitors, though. This blogger sounds like a jaded seasonal ranger who’s sat here for too long and is tired of all the ooooo’s and ahhhhhh’s and is thinking of the next cool park to work at.

By the way, the outlaws, the Hole in the Wall gang, didn’t hang out here. These Badlands were too bad for them, so they went to North Dakota.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some days you have to get out of your car and experience something before you deem them truely bad and not worthy of a second visit.


2 thoughts on “Differing Views

  1. Good on you for standing up and making a statement! I love the variety of Nature’s handiwork! She makes you realise just how many interpretations of beauty there can be! Pity we can’t learn to be appreciative! I especially love finding the extraordinary in the ordinary ~ maybe a drop of water on a dying leaf and maybe a shadow!

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