Fishing in a Prairie Dog Town

It sounds a little odd for a semiarid environment, but I went fishing in a prairie dog town today.  Nevermind the plague and rabbit fever, but the bison got on my nerves just a little.  At least we didn’t cross a rattlesnake.

This is a tangent, because I am lazy, but there is a cottontail running around here with the nickname of One-Eyed Jack.  I think he came in our apartment last night and vandalized it because I didn’t manage to close the door properly!   He’s a little angry due to the fact that people keep poking him on his blind side!

That is his good side, by the way.

Alright, back to fishing!  Went out to the prairie dog town, made a joke that there were no bison around [I think Bryce did it and bison have excellent hearing], and then I look up and there bison running over a hill.  Luckily, Bryce was right and most of them stayed away. 

The rut has started, I think, so there were some bully bulls grunting and shoving on the other bison, and they paid us a visit.

Notice how Bryce is cooly taking a water break…my mind was trying to figure out what the escape route would be.  I was armed with a fishing pole and a camera!  It would have to be some kind of Bear Grylls magic, if anything.

I’m not sure why the big guy had to drink out of this pond and not the two others, but Bryce didn’t seem horribly bothered.  I was thinking I should take a few pictures just in case we die and they have to piece together what happened.

Luckily, he watched us for a bit and was interested in seeing who was on the other side of the pond.  That bison grunted a bit, and this fellow, after ‘chipping’, marched off. 

Well, master bass catcher here, not deterred by the bison bungle, kept fishing.

We went a little bit around the pond, starting to think the weeds were choking out the chances of catching anything, and lo and behold, there she was!

Betty the Bass!  She was right under his feet, just waiting to be caught.  I think she may have been 13 inches.  We forgot to measure her before she was chopped up.

So we forgot a cooler to transport any catches and had to head to Wall with Betty in a plastic bag. 

Between us and the road were the bison and it is very amazing how small you feel in a sedan when there are several bulls towering over you…luckily they had other things on their minds…  :)


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