Busy Around the Badlands

I really can’t keep up with any of this!!!  I keep taking pictures and can’t get them up fast enough, but I am trying.  Maybe after August it will slow down…but I doubt it… :)

Upright Prairie Coneflower

For a little while, there were some very nice wildflowers out and about.  Unfortunately, the yellow sweet clover has choked out a lot of the vegetative diversity out there.  You have to really hunt for anything else other than the clover.

The weather has been really odd.  We’ve had a couple of hot days, but not anything much above average.  And it’s still raining.  This morning, we had a hailstorm at 5 am, so much lightening that I couldn’t get the flag up for an hour and a half, and there are mosquitos swarming still.  It is neat to still have all the green in the Badlands, but I wouldn’t mind having a warm spell to dry out the mud. 

Purple Prairie Clover

Went to the fireworks in Interior…they were better than Mount Rushmore’s this year!  They had a lot  of low hanging clouds at Rushmore and when they set off the fireworks, all you could see were flashes of light in the clouds.  Bummer for all the people that had to hang around there for 8-13 hours [the parking garage fills around 8 or 9 am!].  Interior’s went for about 45 minutes!  That’s pretty darn good for a town of 68 [one new addition was just born this past week!].   Also went to the Interior Frontier Days rodeo.  I saw four bulls and that was about it, but it was still pretty cool. 

That’s one for the photo album!

So I am still getting used to this camera…and I’ve had a bit of trouble.  Other than fumbling with it all the time, I also tend to grab it out of the camera bag by the top.  It’s all dandy, since I don’t touch any part I could smear that way, but I do sometimes hit the dial.  I went out with Sara to photograph and hike Saddle Pass, spent about two hours doing that, and came back will all black pictures!!!  A couple, with the help of an editor, came out in an odd fashion.








Alrighty, that’s a lot of pictures.  I’ll get to Nebraska in another post.


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