Black Hills: Sites less visited 2

Alright, I have too many drafts going and far too many pictures to keep up with. I will try to keep this concise.

We went to a KOA west of Mt Rushmore…I think possibly the biggest in the country…to go horseback riding. I didn’t take the camera along, but I took some pictures pre-ride. Ryan was on Pike and I was on Chowder. Pike was a wide horse and Chowder was a big pig. It was pretty nice. We could hear thunder rumbling through the canyons and off the granite. Of course, we were sore for a few days after the ride.

We went to Jewel Cave, if I didn’t mention that before, and took a really fun Lantern Tour. It is interesting to walk through a cave with that caliber of technology and makes you thankful for flashlight that have a directed beam.

Ryan made it home safely. His flight was delayed due to ‘mechanical issues’, but I couldn’t stay with him since the security gate closed at 7pm. He also sat on the runway in Denver for quite a while waiting for storms.

I found a nice sunset in the Badlands on the way home.

A few days later I came across the sheep, just below Ancient Hunters Overlook, with lambs, too!


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