I didn’t pack for this!

Alright, one 90 degree day and that was that.  I have one long sleeved shirt with me, thinking it would be the nice, hot, brutal Badlands it’s supposed to be…oops!  The forecast isn’t calling for anything better in the next few days and to make it worse for the visitors coming through, Yellowstone is supposed to get snow!  Hello, June!

Since I arrived May 8th, I’ve seen two rattlesnakes and heard of three others.  One or two bullsnakes I heard reported, too.  No pictures of any of them…sorry! 

I do have pictures of lots of flowers…or mostly Sego lilies, I guess.

It’s a nice flower.  Utah is the only one that claimed it for a state flower.  The bulbs can be eaten by roasting or boiling them.

Prickly pear flowers are starting to come out.  I’m not sure what this cold snap is going to do to them, but there were a lot of buds ready and waiting…I hope the frost stays away!

I decided to go visit the sheep.  In all truth, I was headed to the grocery store, and the bighorns [and their human admirers] were in my way. 

These are pretty young rams and they don’t seem as ravinous as their female counterparts.  In fact, they are so lazy they let some fellow get pretty close, and even yell to his wife while he was 50 feet from them “They’re pronghorns!”.  I guess the misidentification didn’t bother them…

Ewes are hard to get a good picture of, especially since they are lambing.  Stress doesn’t help one be photogenic, I guess.  This one caught my eye because she was rather pale in comparison, though my camera doesn’t pick it up well.  She’s pretty young, too, maybe a year or two? 

But the weather turned, so I’m not sure if I am going to get any more interesting pictures up in the next week. 


What a foggy, drizzly mess.  We have maybe two trails that are suitable for this weather….

That’s all for now! 



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