Busy Badlands

Alright, finally internet!  Where to start?  Took 83 up through the Sand Hills of Nebraska to get up here.  Nice topography.  It was a lengthy 12 hour drive from Wichita, but I managed to drive a ways on I-70, I-80, and I-90 on the way up.  I stopped at a grocery in Valentine, NE and they only had two types of potato soup, the leftovers of which are still sitting in my fridge….gross!

It is a mildly wet spring, so there are plenty of wildflowers out and about.

  Also, babies abound.  Saw baby bison and prairie dogs.  The four bobcats that I saw last fall are apparently doing well, since someone else snapped a picture of them, too.  The plague is still around, so they have to dust all the prairie dog burrows again this year.  And we had a rattlesnake in the quad [where the seasonal apartments are].  He was a fairly large fellow, but I didn’t snap a picture.  My roommate stepped on a younger rattler that didn’t rattle and didn’t get upset until after.  I guess if I had been stepped on and then someone poked me with a stick, I’d be mad…

Programs start up tomorrow.  I hope I’ve brushed up enough.  I somehow got it into my head that cottonwoods could self-pollinate…but they can actually self-prune.  Mild difference there…..

Been hiking quiet a lot.  Ticks are very bad this year and have killed a lot of deer.  Not the best way to go, by being massively infested and then sucked to death…But other than that, the Badlands are very nice.  The dust is starting to kick up because we haven’t had massive amounts of rain, but that makes hiking all the less muddier. 

That’s all for now.  It’s past bedtime…Geology Walk and Fossil Talk tomorrow!  Hopefully, no snakes on the trails!  :)


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